Artificial Intelligence Course


About XYLO Academy:

XYLO Academy develops and markets educational content focusing on the study of disruptive technologies that drive tomorrow’s jobs. We are experts at demystifying Disruptive Innovation concepts and subject matters into plain English. Our goal is to enable all students to confidently learn and embrace technological innovations and participate in the future knowledge economy. We have identified five major technology platforms: Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Biotech; Robotics; and Energy, along with their derivatives, as key technologies driving the future knowledge economy.

Course Topics

Artificial Intelligence is the first of XYLO Academy’s course modules. In this module our team of industry experts show you exactly how AI is done, well beyond the common buzz words and brief explanations that are now commonplace across the internet.  Instead, here is what you will learn through XYLO Academy’s engaging curriculum developed by our AI practitioners:
  • Concept of intelligence in machines
  • Datasets and training
  • Turning ordinary computers into intelligent machines
  • Methods for Machine Learning such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning - with ample examples
  • Applications of machine learning across various industries
  • Artificial Neural Networks and their architecture 
  • Autonomous Driving including the underlying technologies to enable autonomous cars and trucks 
  • Future of autonomy in transportation 
  • Natural language processing, ChatGPT, Generative AI, how they work and how to use them, with many examples
  • Hands-on experiment on using a publicly available dataset to train a computer using an artificial neural network and iterating on improving the training
  • Supplemental material on digital imaging and computer vision
  • No prerequisite for this course


Why Should You Take This Course?

According to Forbes, there will be more than 97 million AI-related jobs by 2028. This program is designed to provide all learners with the essential knowledge and practical applications of AI tools and frameworks as a springboard toward pursuing high-demand careers in the future. There are no prerequisites for this course (except a WiFi-enabled device).


To date, XYLO Academy’s curriculum and methodology have been used by hundreds of students across the US. These are students just like you: students who want to get ahead and differentiate themselves from those who only follow the standard school curriculum.

What Will You Get?

  • Animated videos about Artificial Intelligence, in plain English
  • Technological concepts presented through examples and stories, with no math
  • Questions to test your understanding within and after each video
  • Q/A forum to ask questions and share learnings
  • Self-paced learning environment
  • Hands-on experiment – training an AI for computer vision with a neural network
  • Content and technology all created by XYLO Academy
  • Connection to a community of learners, just like you
  • Discount and early access to future courses
  • Certificate of completion, good for your resume when applying for an internship or for college