XYLO Academy User Agreement

This User Agreement is applicable to you (the “User” or “you”) and governs your access to and use of the XYLO Academy Portal (the “Portal”) as well as the services, information, and content made available via the Portal (collectively, the “Services”). If you do not agree to use the Services in accordance with the terms of this User Agreement, you must not enroll in the course or attempt to access or use the Services.


You may use the Portal and the Services only for purposes of accessing and completing the courses and/or modules for which you have been issued Portal login credentials, and only for the duration of such courses and/or modules. You agree not to copy, reproduce, download, modify, share, distribute, or (except as needed to submit quizzes and other assignments for modules available via the Portal) create other content or information based upon the modules, courses, videos, written material, or other content or information made available via the Portal (including but not limited to any content or information that is linked to within, but available outside, the Portal). You also agree not to provide or allow anyone else access to the Services (including but not limited to sharing access to device screens that display the Services or associated content). The availability of the functionality to download or export any content, information, or material from the Portal is not a waiver of the prohibitions detailed above, and the downloaded or exported content, information, or material shall continue to be the sole property of XYLO Academy. You are solely responsible for the use and security of your login credentials for the Portal.


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