We are a group of passionate and skilled storytellers. We believe that students everywhere should have the power and ability to access a world-class education.

Our Mission

"To Fuel Thinkers to Explore
and Drive Disruptive

XYLO Academy provides high school students a unique educational
curriculum through engaging video modules on disruptive innovations
that are key to students' future careers. XYLO - Unlimited space for learning and opportunity.

About the Team

We have diverse experiences and backgrounds across technology, product innovations and education. We are united in our passion to provide equal access to the study of technology and innovation. Our diversity is our strength and our mission is our singular focus.

Our team shares experiences in biotechnology, machine learning, computer science, and more!


Dr. Farhad



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Selin Karaoguz

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Dr. Farhad Rostamian

Dr. Farhad Rostamian is currently a professor at UCLA. He has four degrees from UCLA: B.S., M.S., and Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering, plus an MBA. He has over 25 years of experience making highly innovative and iconic products such as the pill camera (with Given Imaging), the camera for Apple’s 1st iPhone (working directly with Steve Jobs), and sensors for disposable insulin pumps (with Medtronic). He has worked in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He holds several US and international patents. His passion lies, though, in mentorship and education.


Over the last 13 years, he has successfully developed and taught courses to graduate, undergraduate and high-school students – all focused on innovation. He has had the pleasure of teaching and watching over 1,000 of his students graduate to join highly innovative industries and corporations or become part of the start-up revolution. This course represents Dr. Rostamian’s industry know-how, global experience and academic expertise.


Christine graduated from UCLA with a major in Computational & Systems Biology, a concentration in Neurosystems, and a minor in Entrepreneurship. As a co-founder of XYLO, she is also currently working as a Healthcare Consultant. Her passion for XYLO lies in her belief that essential topics for the jobs of the future should be taught with methods that make them accessible for students of all backgrounds.

Selin Karaoguz

Selin graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2020, with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Selin now works at Meta/Facebook as a program manager for machine learning/artificial intelligence programs that power AR/VR technologies. As a female engineer, she is particularly passionate about ensuring young women have access to STEM education, especially in disruptive innovation areas.

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer is currently a senior at UCLA, set to graduate June 2022. She is pursuing a degree in Communications B.A., as well as a minor in Entrepreneurship. Her interests lie within marketing and project management. XYLO inspires her as she is passionate about creating spaces for younger generations to learn about revolutionary emerging technologies that will ultimately change our lives.


Aimee graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2018 with a major in Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at UCLA. She also works full time as a Software Engineer at an aerospace company. She is passionate about space and working on projects that make a difference in people’s lives. In her free time she enjoys bullet journaling, crocheting, and DnD podcasts.


Reema is a full-time graduate student at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering (Class of 2022), specialising in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to this, she has completed her masters in Economics and worked with start-ups in the machine learning domain for multiple years. Most recently, she worked with a mental health startup to help them categorize issues into topics and identify spam requests.